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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 29, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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job and name and dignity. he is failing. this is a massacre. the people alabama elected to ma the state and help it prosper are the ones who burned it to the ground. alabama, you right now are in a pickle. i'm not going to tell you that having your governor on resignation watch is any kind of fun any more than it is any kind of expected outcome in our politics, but alabama that's where you are right now thanks to the governor. good luck you guys. that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tonight. we have that big show that's going to last longer than an hour, but now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donne o'donnell. i learn something every night from you. for example i didn't know we were allowed to say pickle and phone sex tapes in the same script. i didn't know we could do that.
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>> there's me apologizing for the word affair and then throwing pickle at you. >> and phone sex tapes repeatedly. >> turns out it's hyphenated. i checked the style guide. there's a new question now on the job interview form for republican presidential campaign managers, how many times have you been arrested? for donald trump's campaign manager the answer is at least twice. >> ladies and gentleman, please welcome the next president of the united states, mr. donald trump. >> the sense that this is a game. >> violent behavior. >> physically assaulting a reporter. >> ultimately the responsibility is mr. trump's. >> she was grabbing me. does that mean i'm supposed to file charges against her. >> a democracy depends on a
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well-informed electorate. >> why can't we keep our mouths shuts? why can't be we unpredictable? >> it's not just for the united states that this matters, it matters for the planet. >> i don't want to tell the world what i'm gonna do. >> america's the place where you can't afford completely crazy politi politics. ♪ so you're running for the republican presidential nomination in the wisconsin primary and you go on a talk radio show and you complain about the republican governor of wisconsin no tt raising taxes. >> you had a $2.2 billion budget deficit. he didn't want to raise taxes because he was running for
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office. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump is so unmoored from everything, unmoored from reality, unmoored from fact and unmoored from republican principals that he attacked republican local hero scott walker in wisconsin today for not raising taxes to close the budget deficit in wisconsin. in that moment donald trump was running as a democrat, a crazy democrat, but a democrat. but of course donald trump had no idea that he was offering a democrat's critique of republican governor of wisconsin. donald trump is trying to win wisconsin as the guy who stands by his man even when his man is accused of a crime. donald trump's campaign manager has never run a presidential campaign before. he has never been near the top of a serious presidential campaign. there is no indication that he has any idea how to run a serious presidential campaign.
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his candidate is at the top of the republican polls for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with the skill of the trump campaign staff, which is the most unprofessional campaign staff in modern presidential campaign history. it is the same campaign staff that just let ted cruz get ten more louisiana delegates than donald trump even though donald trump won the primary. donald trump is the only candidate who has had to spend the day defending his campaign manager after his campaign manager got arrested this morning in florida. corey lewandowski was arrested and charged with battery for the way he man handled a reporter on election night. we have shown you video of this incident before from other angles, but police released this video of the incident today with an overview of what happened.
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the video was released by the police in a slow motion form only. it was on the basis of this video and the police judgment of the credibility of michelle fields' complaint that corey lewandowski was arrested today. it was in 1999 that corey lewandowski was arrested for carrying a loaded pistol into the house of representatives in washington, d.c. he is the only presidential campaign manager in history who has ever been arrested for that. since donald trump began his campaign with no respect at all in the republican party and no real connection to serious republican campaign players, the campaign staff that he has was the best that he could get. there was no possibility of any other presidential campaign offering corey lewandowski the job of campaign manager. they might have hired him as an extra hand in new hampshire where corey lewandowski lives, but that's about it.
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and so while donald trump spent the day defending corey lewandowski for his most recent arrest, ted cruz basked in the endorsement of republican governor scott walker. >> i just really decided after all these years of the obama/clinton failures that it's time we elect a strong new leader and i've chosen to endorse ted cruz to be the next president of the united states. we want people who are principal, common sense conservatives, who do what they say and people who can win the nomination and go on to defeat hillary clinton in the fall and for that reason i am proud to endorse ted cruz. >> joining us now is hailly jackson covering the cruz campaign and ken vogle, chief investigative reporter and nikki edwards a former congressman from oklahoma.
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the cruz campaign today with the scott walker endorsement, how important do they think that is in this next week of campaigning? >> it will be important here in the state of wisconsin, obviously overshadowed by the discussion of corey lewandowski, but the walker endorsement could be significant for a couple of reasons. number one you have the impact of what it means in wisconsin. he's got a 40% approval rating, and he is popular among conservatives, particularly in the suburbs of mill walk e. second it's the kind of endorsement that they got from scott walker. it's full throated. it's 100%. it's not what we saw from mitt rom f romney who said he was voting for ted cruz. he will be an active presence on the campaign trail. i'm told by a campaign aid that we can expect to see walker with
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ted cruz and then campaigning through to the primary and then perhaps be on then. walker wanted his endorsement 2to have some significance in his home state. this under cuts the argument that kasich can make that he is in the best position to be the anti-trump candidate. you've seen kasich come out and say endorsements are great, but what matters is experience and what voters say, that said picking up support from walker does allow cruz and his campaign to point to that and make the argument that they are coalescing republicans behind ted cruz as the alternative to donald trump. >> i think if we had asked in january the political media just a little poll of which campaign manager will get arrested for battery for the way he moved through a campaign crowd, i don't think anyone would have guessed anyone other than corey lewandowski. you've done a pretty -- you've
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dug into his background for politicalo. what more flesh should we put on the bones of this story for understanding who he is. >> corey lewandowski has a lot in common with donald trump. they're both kind of anti-establishment figures. corey lewandowski perhaps as you suggested because he was unable to latch on in a prominent position with a top tier either presidential candidate or even other types of candidates. the last campaign that he ran was senator bob smith in new hampshire reelection bid 2002. he lost in the primary. was the first senator to lose in a primary in a decade at that point. big embarrassment. he later sort of rehabilitated himself politicly by looking up with the koch brothers, but as we reported he had a lot of
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interpersonal problems with his insubject borrowed nates, lashing out at them and one of the things we've heard about the trump campaign is that one of the things that set him off is when he thought his authority was being questioned in front of the principal in the case of americans for prosperity. perhaps it was the donors, the koch brothers or perhaps the head of the organization. some of the stuff that we've heard about the trump campaign is that he similarly tries to box out people who he regards as being threats to his authority who might offer the candidate alternative viewpoints from his own. a lot of trump allies that i talked to worry about that and think trump is not getting top advise from corey lewandowski on this campaign. >> let's listen to what donald trump said tonight at his rally in wisconsin defending his campaign manager. >> you probably saw what happened today with my campaign -- he's a good guy, corey. the easiest thing, corey, you're
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fired. i can't do that. can't do it. maybe he touched her a little bit, but it was almost like he was trying to keep her off me. she never went to the ground. she never even came -- she never even flinched. if somebody grabs you, even one of the guys, even the bikers, if somebody grabs even a biker or punches you a little bit, you go wow, right? the toughest guy, the toughest woman. look at her face, it's zero. they're going to destroy a man's life. >> he's not going to fire him for this, but i'd think about firing him for losing those 10 delegates in louisiana to ted cruz. >> this is not about corey lewandowski. this is about donald trump. if donald trump loses, as i hope he will, it should be because of the things he says, the values he has. it's not about republican orthodox either. it's not about whether or not he is doing what other republicans
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have said. it is his demeanor, it's his attitude. it's condoning torture. it's condoning killing the children of people who have committed terror. i don't want to see this become about corey lewandowski because the problem is donald trump and that's where the focus ought to be. >> in wisconsin, as you listen to local talk radio, which is a very powerful influence and you listen to the people you're talking to out there, how is this latest chapter in the chaos which is the trump campaign playing there and how is it playing in relation to the cruz campaign? >> here's an interesting illustration of that. ted cruz popped into a public in milwauk milwaukee. several of the people i was talking to supporting or deciding between donald trump and ted cruz, almost all of them had heard about what had
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happened, had heard about the incident with lewandowski. there were varying levels of people who were engaged this and who felt it would impact their vote. i had one gentleman say to me, i like donald trump and what he stands for, but i do worry he's going to tank the republican party, this is as ted cruz was in the other room shaking hands and taking photos. there's a mixed reaction here. we had reporters talking to trump supporters tonight, several of them were angry this was being discussed. there's a sense this is something that the media is talking about too much and you're seeing his supporters double down in their backing of drur donald trump. cruz has been asked about this today talking about whether lewandowski should be fired. that's when you heard cruz respond somebody that physically assaults a reporter that should be a fireable offense and he
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talked about integrity within campaigns. he talked about the candidate taking responsibility for what happens. this was back in mid march when he was in illinois and responding to questions about this. seeing how it plays out is going to be significant particularly because of trump's vulnerabilities when it comes to women. we know from our polling some 40% of republican women say they can't see themselves voting for trump. what happens on tuesday will give us an indication of how much this is resonating. >> i think that's true. i think the key you have to watch here though is how much is lewandowski and what he gets away with a reflection of the guy he works for. so it is not just -- not just what lewandowski does or whether he's been arrested before. he has the blessings of donald trump who actually himself threatens to punch people out and to have people roughed up in his rallies so --
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>> and ken, quickly before we go to a break here, it does raise the question of who would donald trump put in various jobs in a presidential administration. obviously lewandowski could never get confirmed to anything, but white house chief of staff is not a senate confirmation job. imagine the white house being run by a guy like this. >> in fact, we've heard from folks around the campaign that he has actively encouraged speculation that he would be in line to be chief of staff of a trump administration. it's interesting we've heard trump sort of increasingly play this game of naming his advisers on different things, but only to a point. he still said that after the attack in brussels before he went on the sunday shows who he consulted was himself mostly. he just thought about the issues. so very untraditional campaign, corey lewandowski an untraditional campaign manager. it's a good match, but it's
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turned the political convention on it's years. >> thank you for joining us tonight. coming up, another episode of campaign fact and president obama criticizes the media for the way we're covering the presidential campaign. they caused a stir on chris hayes show last night. she's clarifying who she will not vote for if bernie sanders does not get the democratic presidential nomination. your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion?
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contra dicti cont contra dictions and forced people to see the truth. >> that's that time of year again when the president speaks to the press in awards ceremonies. at the end of april many of you will see him do this for the final time at the white house correspondence dinner which will be televised her. last night the president presented a prize. the prize was named off "the new york times" correspondent who died of cancer at the age of 54, a month before the president was inaugust rated. the president remembered her last night for the way she covered his first presidential campaign. >> politics was not a horse race
7:22 pm
or a circus or a tally of who scored nor points than whom, but rather was about issues and how they affected the lives of real people. >> the president urged his audience of reporters to keep that goal in mind as they cover the current presidential campaign. >> the news industry is an industry. it's a business. there's no escaping the pressures of the industry and all it's constraints, but i fknw that journalism is indispensable. in the very concrete sense that real people depend on you to uncover the truth. >> without mentioning donald trump's name the president suggested that many in the television news business have failed in their coverage of this campaign. >> a job well done is about more than just handing someone a
7:23 pm
microphone. it's to probe and to question and to dig deeper and to demand more. the electorate would be better served if that happened. it would be better served if billions of dollars in free media came with serious accountability. >> a presidential campaign, the whole thing, all in, costs about $1 billion. mitt romney's presidential campaign, including all the spending, cost $1 billion four years ago. president obama's winning reelection campaign cost $1.1 billion. that's how much is spent over about a two-year period on a presidential campaign. donald trump's presidential campaign, according to a new york times estimate has received already $1.9 billion in free media in just the last eight
7:24 pm
months. no candidate in history has had that kind of free ride. here is some of that free media. >> and we have water and it's a very successful -- it's a private little water company and i supply the water for all my places and it's good. we have trump steaks. if you want to take one, i'll charge you about $50. he said trump magazine is out. the airline by the way, i sold the airline. it said trump airline. i sold the airline and i actually made a great deal, but we have a lot of great people who want to get back into trump university. it's going to do very well. you see the wine. he mentioned trump vodka. it's the largest winery in the east coast. i own it 100%. no mortgage. no debt. you have to check the records, folks. in fact, the press, i'm asking you, please check. >> every single thing he said there was untrue.
7:25 pm
every single thing. that's why bernie sanders calls him a pathological liar. he rattled off a string of lies knowing they were lies and then challenged reporters to actually check his lies. and i was sitting at our desk that election night fact checking that speech as he was saying it. i knew that the steak business had failed years ago, but i had to look up the rest of the stuff. then i didn't get a chance to say a thing about it for the next three hours of our live coverage as we cut to other people's speeches and other things that we were covering. so long after our peak audience went to bed in the wee hours of the early morning of our coverage, i offered a few correctives to what you just heard trump say. and then the next day other news organizations debunked all of those claims, but those articles were seen by a much smaller
7:26 pm
audience than the prime time election night tv audience that saw that speech filled with lies carried live on all three news networks without any condititra diction about what he said in that speech. donald trump presents a challenge that the media has never seen before. how do you cover a pathological liar who is the front-runner for a major party presidential nomination? no television interviewerer of donald trump has ever tried to challenge him on every lie he has told in any given television interview interview. i've never interviewed donald trump and i probably never will get to interview donald trump because i've been talking about his lies for many years. i'm the first person who donald trump threaten to sue five years ago via twitter. i'm not sure i could do better than other interviewers, but we
7:27 pm
now have a new model for how it should be done, how it can be done. the new rules of interviewing donald trump, we got the lesson yesterday, not from a television interviewer, but from a conservative radio talk show host in milwaukemilwaukee. there are three rules. the first rule is you must interrupt donald trump when he is trying to run out the clock with a very long wordy statement that is not responsive to your question. rule number two, you must interrupt donald trump when he says something that is not true. >> he totally knew about it. it was done by people that he knows very well. >> it was -- it was not ted cruz or his campaign. so is your standard is -- >> no i'm just telling you he knew -- he knew. >> to several interviewers prior to the charlie sykes donald trump got away with saying repeatedly that ted cruz was responsible for running the super pac ad that included a
7:28 pm
picture of donald trump's wife. that is the kind of thing he gets away with all the time in tv interviews. rule number three, the sykes' rule is always point out at the end of a long-winded trump response when he has not answered your question. >> and frankly i built a great company and it's an international company. i deal all over the world. >> you're not answering my question. >> donald trump has been good for tv news ratings. if you can get an interview with donald trump on face the nation or a cable news show, the ratings for that show will go up when donald trump is on your show. only one television executive has publicly acknowledged what everyone in the television business knows about the trump campaign for president. the head of cbs said it may not be good for america, but it's damn good for cbs. i'll ask the former ank or of
7:29 pm
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why can't we just keep our mouths shut? why can't we be unpredictable? i don't want to tell the world what i'm gonna do because they're watching. just let me do it folks. i will do it.
7:33 pm
you will be so happy. you don't have to know the details, okay? let me do it. >> that was donald trump this afternoon at his rally in wisconsin. joining us now jeff greenfield, now a columnist for the daily beast and dan rather. he's president and ceo of news and guts. dan, as you've been watching this campaign, you heard the president's critique last night of how we've been covering it. what is your reaction to what you've been seeing? >> my first reaction to the president's speech last night was mr. president, respectfully, i'll try not to tell you how to be president and don't tell me or any other political reporter how to cover a political campaign. there was a lot of truth in what he said. perhaps the most important part was when he said and he called out the owners of our major
7:34 pm
information centers saying you are the guys, if you wanted to, if you wanted to perform a public services, you could command investigative reporting of the kind that we need in this presidential election. i thought that was valuable. what's lapped happened to us is lost our guts. we've lost our spine. we've lost the vision of what a journalist should be and can be. journalism counts and matters. nate silver of the new york times said when it comes to trump, much of the coverage has been really unconsciousable and callous. those of us in the press and media have a lot to answer for
7:35 pm
as the president outlined in his talk last night in washington, but i'd come back to the point that news is no longer seen by the people who own the major news outlets as something in the public trust, it's all about money. he's a good and decent man and a genius in some ways, but doesn't understand the nature of the news. i'd like to take back that quote that says donald trump is bad for america, but he's damn good for cbs. what a thing to say for a mwho sits at the top of one of the greatest news organizations. if he set his tigers lose and said i want tough questions and tough follow-ups. frequently it takes one or two
7:36 pm
follow-ups as you point out. we don't get that with donald trump. it is true you have to interrupt. i think in the end that the american people are beginning at least beginning as a whole to see what's happened here, that trump has sucked all the oxygen out of most of the other candidates and campaigns, that reporters, air time is their oxygen and trump has been given all the oxygen and free. i think he has at least $1.9 billion of free time on television. >> not all of this has been positive. this channel hasn't been doing positive coverage of donald trump, but jeff grenaenfield there's an incredible challenge i find in covering the trurmp campaign. he stands up and gives a speech in which he challenges the press to check his facts. that night it made me think do
7:37 pm
we need to treat this like it's in a foreign language and have like a truth translation running alongside the screen and saying this is false? what do we do? >> when you said you'd never seen anything like this, we saw this more than half a century ago when mccarthy would make charges and we were supposed to have learned the lesson that even an objective press ought to be able to say what is and what isn't. the principal failing in much of what i've seen in the press on television is lack of preparation. i don't have a problem with bringing donald trump on. we was a force of nature in this campaign, the likes of which no one ever saw before, but you can't bring donald trump on for an hour and ask questions like do you think you're going to win michigan when there's a record of falsehood. there's one other point that i think is critical and it's the most disturbing thing of all,
7:38 pm
there's been a lot of press that has tried to nail trump on lies, failures. a considerable part of donald trump's constitutesy is cynical about the press that it does not believe what the press says when it says donald trump is lying. and that may be the most serious thing of all. we've had lots of good stories about how donald trump's con st institute wents have been left behind, but we are now at the point where at least for his people, if a network says donald trump says thousands much muslims were cheering in new jersey and it's not true, their response is you probably lost the tape. that tells you about the disconnection not just between the republican party elites, but between the media, that even when we're doing our job it
7:39 pm
doesn't matter. >> dan, it seems to me that we then think about the rest of the america that's not on board with donald trump and they need the facts so that when they're in the conversation with that other group of americans who aren't sure about what happened in new jersey, they can present those facts to them and it's our job to deliver those. >> absolutely a strong point because we frequently hear it said about donald trump that he tells it like it is. well, much of the time he tells it like it isn't. when he tells it like it isn't or he puffs up like a blow fish, the press needs to call on a hand on this. donald trump says this, this is what the facts show. this is what the record shows. i do agree with you that that can be per swasive. in a lot of ways the economics
7:40 pm
of journalism today don't allow us to do as much investigative reporting as i think needs to be done, particularly with a candidate like donald trump or ted cruz or bernie sanders or hillary clinton. you can't go along on the surface of it. it's dig deep, give the people the facts, tell them the truth. they'll make the right decision. >> we have to take a break here . i want to get you both back and talk about this again and who was the most presidential candidacy you had to cover in the past, but let's go out with a one word answer on that one. the most difficult presidency campaign you had to cover in the past. >> george wallace. >> jeff? >> ross perot. >> we're going to come back with another segment to talk about more of all of this. we need more historical perspective. an honor to have you both here tonight.
7:41 pm
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wisconsin. >> can i talk to you about trump and women? >> sure. he seems to get away with saying terrible things. >> so i had the opportunity to ask senator cruz about this. >> this is insulting. no offense. >> what donald trump has been doing is inciting violent behavior. >> i think it says nothing about the campaign. >> let me tell you why donald trump will not be elected president of the united states. >> do you think donald trump should take some kind of action against his campaign manager. >> when he we see things that are very disturbing, we then take action and i think that's what needs to be done. >> are you going to tell me that the liberal side does nothing wrong also. >> wisconsin is a state that knows how to protest. >> folks are concerned that
7:45 pm
donald trump's message, the rhetoric, may inflame these kind of long-held troubles in that community. >> these pictures are not very helpful for donald trump because they under score the lock of civility. >> the campaign said this never happened. >> i would say it doesn't bother me because politics is a blood sport. >> now they're saying that michelle fields was the agreser. >> she was grabbing at me. >> donald trump will not be elected president. >> how do you know those bruises weren't there before? >> ultimately the responsibility is mr. trump's. available virtual cockpit. but i've managed.e crohn's disease is tough, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor,
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last night chris hayes asked susan sarandon if she would have any trouble supporting hillary clinton if she wins the presidential nomination. >> i think bernie would probably encourage people because he didn't have in he eggo in this thing. can't bring myself to do that. >> how about you personally? >> i don't know. i'll see what happens. >> really. >> really some people feel donald trump will bring the revolution immediately. if gets in things will really -- >> you're saying the latest model in contra dictions. >> yeah, i think that. >> don't you think it's dangerous. >> if you think it's pragmatic to shore up the status quo right
7:52 pm
now. >> she tweeted lol i would ever vote donald trump. of course i would never support trump for any reason. if you watch the interview you'll see that's not what i said. hillary clinton's campaign has called on bernie sanders to address susan sarandon's comments. two sanders supporters will join us flex. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to
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7:54 pm
shows that hillary clinton is six points ahead of bernie sanders with 49 to bernie sanders 43. that is the smallest lead that hillary clinton has had over bernie sanders in that poll to date. joining us now nina turner and tom hartman. they are both bernie sanders supporters. i want to get your reaction to what susan sarandon said last night. would you have any trouble supporting hillary clinton as the democratic nominee. >> i don't see anything wrong with what susan had to say. she didn't say that she would ever vote for donald trump. she said what she had been hearing on the campaign trail. and myself i've been hearing the same thing, mainly not so much that people will vote for donald trump, as much as they will write in senator bernie sanders and a lot of these people they are the true believers, they are in this process not because of an affiliation with the democratic party necessarily, but with a love and afinty and belief in the power and
7:55 pm
conviction and honesty of senator bernie sanders. for me being a supporter it's premature to ask the supporters while he's fighting to become the nominee if we would vote for hillary clinton. it dismisses the fact that he's in this race. he's running to become the next president of the united states. >> i want to clarify something too. she didn't advocate that other people not vote for hillary clinton or even follow her lead in what she was saying last night. i think that's been misunderstood as the day has worn on today. what was your reaction to what you heard susan sarandon say and would you have any problem supporting hillary clinton. >> thank you lawrence. i have to say nina turner is one of my absolute heros. one of the most brilliant people in politics and what she says is
7:56 pm
very important. it really resonates with me. that said -- i -- bernie's been on my radio show every week for the last 12 years. i would walk through broken glass for him. i absolutely support him. it's really rare in presidential politics when you have a candidate that you can vote for. usually with the -- i think with the exception of maybe voting for jimmy carter, every time i voted i voted against the bad guy, instead of for the person i want. with bernie i'm voting for bernie. if bernie is no the the nominee, i will vote for the democrat. bernie has said that. i agree with nina that it's -- it's almost disrespectful to ask that question and yet it's been part of the campaign and i think it's important for us to realize the horrors of the other side. >> i mean, it is one of those uncomfortable questions for
7:57 pm
advocates of candidacies as susan sarandon is for bernie sanders and there's times when people are more ready to answer that than on the other times. it's a thing i can certainly understand, but nina turner, i think in her answer the amount of hesitation was there, the amount of questioning and the amount of her referencing her experience talking to other people is of legitimate concern to the democratic party if bernie sanders is not the nominee, how do you bring his supporters completely into this -- on to the clinton ticket? by the way, the same dynamic would exist if bernie sanders is the nominee how do you get the clinton supporters. >> that dynamic is there. it's called earning the votes. it is called makd suing sure yo bring the other candidate's
7:58 pm
folks into the fold. we've never seen anything like this election in modern history on the right and also on the left. so we have to take into account -- i like how you talked about that is how susan sarandon was feeling at the time. if democrats want to earn those votes, whether people are die hard democrats, but democrats can't win this election without independents and bernie sanders brings those independents to the table, he's bringing those young people to the dabl table so you to earn those votes. this about the needs of the people over a party affiliation and that is what is happening all across the country. i heard it in philly. i heard it in new york. it's called earning the vote. >> go ahead, tom. >> i was going to say if you go back to may of 2008, i was digging through some old cnn archives and they did a series of exit polls of hillary clinton voters and said if hillary
7:59 pm
clinton doesn't win the nomination will you vote for barack obama and roughly half of them said no. it doesn't work out that way at the end because i think that barack obama went on to earn her votes. i think nina turner's absolutely right and hillary clinton is going to have to reach out to progressives and an hour ago she tweeted out something about bernie and guns that i thought was not entirely honest and i really think she's hurting herself with that kind of stuff. i really do. >> nina, how would you recommend each one of these parties -- each one of these candidates reach across to the other's supporters if they get the nomination? >> especially for somebody like senator sanders, he's going to continue to be honest about what he stands for. he has lived his beliefs through all of his public policy decisions. it's really about the family coming together and admitting and confessing that we may have
8:00 pm
a problem bringing some people in, not ignoring it or dismissing them, but bringing them together, having that family conversation and pushing people there to do the right thing. >> nina turner, and tom hartman, thank you both for joining us tonight. >> thank you. sorry we ran out of time for the campaign fact check tonight. we'll do it next time, but i wanted to hear more from our guests tonight. chris hayes is up next. tonight on "all in". >> he's a fine person. >> the campaign manager for the republican front-runner has been arrested. >> criminal situation over that. >> new video of the incident is out. >> who do you know the bruises weren't there before? >> donald trump vows to stand by his man. >> if you look at that tape, he was very, very seriously maligned. she was grabbing me. does that mean i'm supposed to file charges against her? >> the responses from both sides. what this means for the race and a member of cory's legal team joins me live.


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